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Co-founder of Okey Studio

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I’m freelance web designer and co-founder of Okey Studio, a studio focused on creating tailor-made websites.

I’m Clarisse, I work as a freelance web designer specialized in the conception of custom and unique website. I love designing interfaces with a beautiful and strong user experience.

Very, very often I work with my comrade of the web, Adrien , a very cool web developer. Together we founded Okey Studio , a digital studio that creates your website from a to www. Come and say hello!



Web design
UI and UX
Customer projects, personal projects,
some research and playground.
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In my free time, I love to design posters and CD covers, read a good book, learn to play the piano, travel and cook. I also live with 2 adorable cats. And I'm a gifs lover.

There's nothing better than a delicious Italian dish, a good movie with a twist at the end, a swim in the sea, a trip to the museum, or relaxing in a hammock!

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